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At most workplaces, people run a race. They start early on Mondays and end late on Fridays. They need time to renew and recuperate. We often hear of people wanting to spend more time thinking, but most of them are sucked into fire fighting. The solution to the workplace challenge lies not in the hands of a consultant, but within teams and organisations.
If we have no time to talk about them, how are we going to tackle them with accumulated
wisdom? How do we learn so that we get better at what we do?
Overdependence on training programmes reduces productivity, wastes corporate resources, and does not result in an expected return on investment.
This situation raises a few questions on:

  • How to integrate learning into our daily work,
  • How to make use of our learning in our daily work so that we get better every day as individuals and teams,
  • How to support each another to learn anddevelop,
  • How to create a positive and safe environment of inquiry to think together and collectively manage our workplace challenges, and
  • How to leverage the strengths that we have within the organisation and build a sustainable mode for high performance.


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