Clearly-defined goals and strong leadership commitments are essential for success in an action learning project. Programme managers need to be aware of the principles and practices of action learning, the role of a coach, sponsor, and the members. What differentiates action learning from other interventions is its focus on learning. Without that continued emphasis, the project is less likely to succeed. Track WhatsApp and Facebook incoming and outgoing messages without rooting the phone

As teams progress through the sessions, they discover new challenges and problems. A strong commitment to the process and focus on the end goal will help them overcome rough patches. Unlike a training session or leadership workshop, action learning sessions tend to thrive on the brink of chaos. It is important that the project team is mentally prepared to handle the challenges and have spent enough time preparing for them. An action learning project will succeed if:

  • The leadership team is committed to learning, team empowerment, and leadership development for the long term,
  • They demonstrate their commitment to learning by being open to change, irrespective of current situation and culture,
  • The project management team has spent enough time understanding, planning and preparing for the sessions,
  • The organisation has access to a team of action learning coaches, and
  • The team has clarity on the objectives of the programme and awareness of the challenges they might face along the way. Embracing action learning develops one as an individual and a leader. The first step is to understand the principles, the process, and steps involved.

The most effective way to learn these is to experience them. Participating in an action learning session allows one to better grasp the fundamentals on which it is built. This is when one gets hooked to its power, flexibility, and impact. Welcome to the world of action learning.

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