Action Learning: A problem solving process with learning and outcomes for business

Triple benefit One of the attractions of Action Learning is the simultaneous gains provided by this this innovative methodology: business results through creative and innovative solutions to the urgent and complex problems produced in the sessions; learning and developing leadership skills of the participants and the possibility to create a learning organization, a company that learns by doing and applying what it had learned in a virtuous and continuous cycle. Michael Marquardt and Bea Carson published dozens of articles reporting the success stories and results from Action Learning. However, here at WIAL Brazil, we have been encouraged to bring Brazilian examples. Action Learning is a recent methodology in our country, so it is not well known by most companies but there are exciting results which can be shared to encourage its application, since the current economic context requires creativity so that organizations can do more with less.


Clearly-defined goals and strong leadership commitments are essential for success in an action learning project. Programme managers need to be aware of the principles and practices of action learning, the role of a coach, sponsor, and the members. What differentiates action learning from other interventions is its focus on learning. Without that continued emphasis, the project is less likely to succeed. Track WhatsApp and Facebook incoming and outgoing messages without rooting the phone

Action Learning Take Your Business to the Next Level

At most workplaces, people run a race. They start early on Mondays and end late on Fridays. They need time to renew and recuperate. We often hear of people wanting to spend more time thinking, but most of them are sucked into fire fighting. The solution to the workplace challenge lies not in the hands of a consultant, but within teams and organisations.
If we have no time to talk about them, how are we going to tackle them with accumulated
wisdom? How do we learn so that we get better at what we do?
Overdependence on training programmes reduces productivity, wastes corporate resources, and does not result in an expected return on investment.
This situation raises a few questions on:


Action Learning

Action Learning is a tool or process built on the principles of “learning by doing” founded by Reg Revans. Trained as a physicist at Cambridge University, he worked with some scientists who went on to win Nobel prizes. He observed the importance of being open of our own shortcomings and learning from other’s experiences, while challenging one’s knowledge and assumptions. 

Later, he applied these principles to solving workplace problems. In the process, he enabled managers to handle their own issues and reduce their dependency on others.
There are many schools of action learning, which have developed their own methodologies.

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