What is WIAL?

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is a rapidly growing international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the growth and advancement of WIAL Action Learning in business and all community sectors. It is supported by WIAL affiliates around the world.WIAL is a highly capable global organisation that helps clients rapidly solve urgent and important business challenges. Our clients frequently achieve a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) on their organisation, leadership and team development projects.As the only certifying body for Action Learning, WIAL provides various training & certification programs internationally to support our clients and the global Action Learning community.

WIAL's Action Learning approach has elevated the performance of hundreds of organizations worldwide including Microsoft, Caterpillar, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, Samsung, LG Electronics, Alcoa, US Departments of State, Energy, Commerce and Agriculture, Hong Kong Transit, Goodrich, National Institutes of Health, Singapore Airlines, IBM, Nokia, Constellation Energy, Siemens, Posco Steel, International Labor Organization, McKay Foundation, and SulAmerica Insurance. Many universities around the world have incorporated the WIAL model into their curricula and learning methodology. 

WIAL members have written numerous books and articles on the subject of Action Learning, including three that are predicted to be classics in the field - Action Learning in Action, Optimizing the Power of Action Learning and Action Learning for Developing Leaders and Organizations: Principles, Strategies, and Cases.

WIAL’s mission 
is to unleash capacity and capability for success by generating powerful solutions to complex problems through Action Learning.

  • Promoting WIAL Action Learning with individuals, teams, organizations, communities and nations
  • Developing world class Action Learning coaches
  • Providing certification, consulting and training services
  • Fostering communities of Action Learners
  • Sharing research, case studies and best practices
  • Supporting WIAL affiliates and coaches


  • Dramatically improving organization performance
  • Rapidly solving urgent and important business challenges
  • Developing 21st century leaders
  • Building high performance teams
  • Creating inquisitive, engaging and empowered cultures
  • Growing life-long self-directed learner

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